LiveCaddie...3 apps in One

Courseguide, Statistics and LiveScoring

The innovative LiveCaddie App is more than just a GPS application for golfers. It is a complete system offering unique benifits not only to the players, but to course management and spectators as well.

Key Features

  • Flip the phone to WYSIWYP
    • Overview, topview and perspective view for teeshot, lay up and approach shot automatically shown
  • Auto Club selection
    • App suggests club to use according to your personal distances or swipe to change
  • Statistics - with the click of a button
    • Log your shot by clicking once
    • FIR, GIR, Sand Saves, Scramble, Accuracy Pattern and much more ….. automatically calculated
  • LiveScoring
    • App keeps track of your shots with no user inputs
    • Shows your position, score and shots made in real-time. Option to toggle real-time position on/off
    • Daily leaderboard and statistics on the web

Courseguide - a Game Changer

WYSIWYP - What You See Is What You Play!

By integrating high quality 3D graphics, players can see all features of the course clearly. Vivid imagery showing elevation changes and intricate course topography enable a more complete approach to shot strategy.

All our courses are based on high precision GPS data and have elevation data. No more flat images or faked 3D. WYSIWYP.

Statistics - with a click of a button

The ability to log shots with one click in real time provides a unique and detailed post round analysis. A statistics module automatically calculates key scoring stats such as driving accuracy and distance, shot patterns, and greens in regulation. In addition, players can view shot tracing in a hole by hole format.

Just Play - the app keeps track of all your shots!

LiveScoring - real time score and shot tracking

As players use the app throughout the round, their position and current score and shots made will be displayed on the Tracker Map section of the LiveCaddie player.

Additionally, the current score for all players on the course is displayed in a leaderboard. The unique capabilities of using the LiveCaddie App in conjuntion with the LiveCaddie Player not only enhances the experience of daily rounds, but also tournaments and events.